servs and libs

first post, but figured i'd post a handful of services/libraries i've been collecting so i don't lose them.

  • uptimerobot - nice little tool, what pingdom used to be. does 50 entries for free, pretty well configurable
  • pagepeeker - inexpensive service for making thumbs
  • stackstorm - like IFTTT for devops
  • jquery phone # validator us numbers only pretty much, though it tries! it tries ...
  • zapier - like IFTTT for apps
  • cloudapp - super awesome way of sharing screen shots, etc.
  • ubersicht nice way to customize your osX screens
  • wp skeleton my ... dislike ... of wp continues unabated, but this helps get stuff up and running quickly so you can scale and segment later
  • wopr telnet game ;-)
  • frotz - Infocom-style interactive fiction player for Unix and DOS